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Mermaid Massage

A healing sanctuary for mind, body and spirit

A mermaid is a healer who brings the vibes of the ocean into the hearts of the people around her: peace, serenity, song, depth and flow. Animals are her friends and she is powered by plants. She speaks well of individuals and the light in her recognizes the light in each human being. She takes great care of the environment and she swims, sings and creates. 

Mermaid Massage provides the spirits of the South Bay and Los Angeles areas with a blend of body work, meditation and sound vibrations to bring serenity to mind, body and soul.  Dive into wellness!




Available Wednesday-Friday 10am-8pm

Custom Mermaid Massage

60 minutes    $95

75 minutes    $115
90 minutes   $135


CBD oil-infused lotion available - Add $5 

Choose from an array of styles including Swedish, Deep Tissue, Thai Stretch, Lomi Lomi, Hawaiian Hot Stone or a combination of modalities to suit your desires!  Aromatherapy is included in all sessions. 


Unwind and unravel in my mermaid massage grotto, equipped with a heated table, colorful LED lights, candles and sage.  Music plays an essential role in my sessions and I have created special playlists and keep a list of my favorite Pandora stations on hand.  You are always welcome to request your favorite zen tunes!

First time merfolk  receive a complimentary five minute sound bath experience to conclude his or her session! 

Mermaid Mama

60 minutes    $95

75 minutes   $115

90 minutes   $135

A custom pre-natal massage created especially for you and your little one!  Enjoy the most comfortable massage of your pregnancy on my fully adjustable, electric massage table.  Spend more time face up while you sit up in a position comfortable and safe for you and baby!

First time mermaids receive a complimentary five minute sound bath experience to conclude her session! 

Siren Sound Healing

Add-On (15 minutes)  $25


Add-On (30 minutes)  $45


Allow the vibration of crystal and brass singing bowls, chimes, drums and soothing vocals whisk you away to dream land!  Add 15 or 30 minutes  to any session. 

First time merfolk receive a complimentary five minute sound bath experience to conclude his or her session! 

Guided Meditation & Reiki

60 minutes    $95

90minutes   $135
Add-On (15 minutes)  $25
Add-On (30 minutes)  $45

This session begins with an open-hearted chat and intention setting for our time together.  I will intuitively create a guided meditation for you based on your intentions and energy that day.  Receive heart connection, hugs, light touch and mermaid vibes in this opportunity to be vulnerable and fully surrender.  Every session includes sound healing. 

We will create a custom, full 60 or 90 minute session or add on 15 or 30 minutes to any session to fully decompress before we begin your body work. 

Infrared Sauna Wrap & Scrub

Add-On (30 minutes)  $45

This treatment begins with a dry-brush massage, renewing your skin and improving circulation with invigorating  strokes, followed by a homemade raw honey and sea salt scrub infused with fresh squeezed citrus.  You will be nurtured with a coconut oil scalp massage and cool cucumbers for your eyes in the cocoon of a warm infrared sauna wrap, alleviating deep muscle aches, detoxifying your system and promoting restful sleep.

Add-on to any session or combine with the Siren Sound Healing Add-on.

Body Sculpting & Fascia-Blasting

60 minutes   $95
90 minutes   $135
Add-On (30 minutes)  $45

This session combines traditional massage strokes with Ashley Black's FasciaBlaster tool.  The FasciaBlaster aids in releasing tension and trauma held in the connective tissue known as fascia, which is the system found around the muscular, skeletal, and organ structures of the body. 


This tool promotes improved range of motion, reduction of  the appearance of cellulite and the release of emotional, mental and physical tension.   For best results, combine regular use at home with monthly visits, to really reshape your body and take control of your mind-body positivity. Release and let go with the FasciaBlaster!


Everyone has their magic.  What's yours?


For more information about Mermaid Massage - bookings, location, activities and more, don’t hesitate to contact us!

Redondo Beach, CA

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